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A Handbook for Engaged Couples (IVP)

A Handbook for Engaged Couples
| Following Jesus in the “Real World” (IVP)

A Handbook for Engaged Couples (IVP)

Alice Fryling and Robert Fryling

Of course, if you’re engaged, you know the person. But how well do you really know the person? Do you know his or her long-range ambitions? immediate vacation preferences? philosophy of child-rearing? Do you know if he or she wants children at all? If you disagree, how will you resolve your differences? If yours is a remarriage, how will you make a fresh start?

This workbook is for engaged couples who want to prepare seriously for a serious stage of life. Through questions with space for answers, Alice and Robert Fryling encourage open, honest communication in the light of Scripture. In fact, if both you and your fiancee have copies of this workbook, each of you can write your answers independently. Then you can compare your responses and talk over differences.

The workbook goes with you into your marriage. The last three chapters will help you during your first months together. You can use them to protect your marriage from unhealthy patterns—and to stay on track with those good intentions from your engagement days!

ISBN: 978-083-08-1978-2
Format: Paperback
: Marriage; Christian Living
InterVarsity Press

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