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After College (IVP)

After College

After College (IVP)
Navigating Transitions, Relationships and Faith

Erica Young Reitz

“The first year out was one of the hardest years of my life.” —Curt

The years after college can be some of the most uncertain, unstable times of life. Recent graduates grieve the loss of community, question their place in the world and struggle to find meaningful work. It can be shocking to discover that college did not fully prepare you for the challenges you now face.

“It’s much rougher than I thought. I thought things would just play out, and they didn’t. I don’t have friends, I don’t have a job and I hang out with my parents every night.” —Kate

But you are not alone. For more than a decade, Erica Young Reitz has specialized in helping college seniors and recent graduates navigate the transition to postcollege life. Drawing on best practices and research on senior preparedness, she offers practical tools for a life of faithfulness and flourishing during a critical, transitional time. This practical guide addresses the top issues graduates face: making decisions, finding friends, managing money, discerning your calling and much more.

Discover how you can thrive beyond your undergraduate years. If you feel lost in transition, here are resources to help you flourish as a Christ-follower in a complex world.

ISBN: 978-0-8308-4460-9
Format: Paperback (235 pages)
Category: Christian Living; Personal Growth
Publication Date: 2016

Author’s Note
Why This Book?

Part I: Real Faith: Faithful to Christ

1. ”Go to an Unknown Land”: Trusting a Familiar God for Unfamiliar Times
2. In Transition: Embracing Change
3. Take Up Your Cross: Facing Adversity
4. The Tyranny of Choice: Making God-Honoring Decisions

Part II: Real Life: Faithful to Community

5. Beyond the Quad: Finding Friends
6. No Perfect Church: Choosing Community
7. People Are Strange: Preparing for Diversity
8. Family Matters: Relating to Parents
9. Twenty-Something Relationships: Navigating Sex, Dating and Marriage

Part III: Real World: Faithful to Our Calling

10. On Purpose: Stewarding Every Area of Our Lives for Kingdom Good
11. A Faith That Works: Adjusting to Our Jobs, Connecting Them to Christ
12. Financial Faithfulness: Managing Money

Conclusion: ”The Land Is Good”: Trusting a Constant God for Dynamic Times
Appendix A: Identity in Christ
Appendix B: Monthly Budget Plan
Appendix C: Personality and Strength Assessments
About the Author

”Big changes and transitions often force people to ask big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing? After College provides a helpful guide to wrestle with those questions in a way that is inspiring and hopeful. Erica is a keen listener: she listens well to God, recent research and student stories to offer a roadmap for success in today’s world.”
Derek Melleby
Executive director, OneLife Institute, author, Make College Count

After College understands and speaks to the disorientation that many college graduates experience upon entering the new world of work and adult living. Erica’s book is well-grounded in her years of coaching young adults through this transition and offers lots of practical wisdom. Our church in New York City has welcomed many new graduates into our midst, most of whom struggle with the loneliness of professional life, tediousness of lower level jobs and fear of a meaningless life. They need what Erica prescribes: realistic expectations, real community and renewed trust in God’s purposes.”
Katherine Leary Alsdorf
Founder, Center for Faith & Work, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

After College offers evangelical Christians profound insights about grappling with postcollegiate life in today’s swiftly changing world. Beautifully written by Erica Young Reitz, it seamlessly interweaves real-life stories from recent college graduates with astute quotations from famous writers, biblical paradigms with sociological studies, and practical how-to advice with inspirational hopefulness. At once both personal and professional, Reitz shares the triumphs and trials of her own experience in order to help readers discern God’s calling in both church and society.”
Crystal L. Downing
Author of Changing Signs of Truth and Salvation from Cinema

”Reitz has written an intensely practical book that tackles every possible challenge a newly graduating student might face. This is done in a way that empowers young adults in making choices that will help them thrive, not just survive, as they emerge into adulthood. Throughout the book Reitz interlaces scriptural stories about moments of transition that both encourage and instruct. Because I care about preparing my students to launch into their next phase of faithful living as followers of Christ, After College is destined to become required reading in my capstone course.”
Jana Sundene
Associate professor of Christian ministries, Trinity International University, coauthor of Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults

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