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Bribery and Corruption


Bribery and Corruption
Biblical Reflections and Case Studies for the Marketplace in Asia

Hwa Yung

The external pressures faced by Christians in the marketplace in Asia are the same as those faced by Christians worldwide. Few of us have sufficient inner spiritual strength and pastoral support to deal with the relentless power of sin as manifested in the corporate world. Increasingly, too, in a globalised economy, there is a need for Christians in the West to understand the ramifications of working in Asia.

This short book is one attempt to respond to the need to help Christians in Asia find a biblical response to the real pressures they face in the marketplace. It takes seriously both the Scriptures and the context in which Asian Christians function. In order to provide a holistic look at the issues involved, Bribery and Corruption begins with a theological framework for grappling with real-time problems, continues with responses from various theologians on the framework presented, and concludes with actual case studies from the marketplace.

ISBN: 978-981-08-4545-2
Format: Paperback (93 pages)
Category: Christian Living
Publication Date: 2010


Biblical Reflections
1. External Pressures and Internal Inadequacies
2. Developing a Theology of Social Engagement
3. Applying the ”Incarnational Model” in Practice: The Problem of Bribery and Corruption


Theological Responses
4. Response by Albert M. Erisman
5. Response by L.T. Jeyachandran
6. Response by David Gill

Case Studies
7. Case Study by Sherman Lam
8. Case Study by Dr H
9. Case Study by Mr C



He forces us all to step beyond our dualism, to move past giving simple answers to complex questions, and to be humble in accepting that a brother or sister in another part of the world might make a decision that is different from the one we make in another context. I trust this book will be an inspiration, and a reason for hope, for all of those called by God to work in a setting where the path forward is neither easy nor clear.
Albert M. Erisman
Center for lntegrity in Business, Seattle Pacific University

The freedom for the Christian to choose his level of involvement in society is admirably treated. The conclusion that true moral transformation of society cannot be effected unless there is a spiritual revival is well-made.
L .T. Jeyachandran
Ravi Zocharias lnternational Ministries (Asia Pacific) Limited

This careful essay on bribery and corruption makes a lot of sense to me. We need to get away from legalism and formalism and ask”what is the point here?” What are the values we are trying to protect? Corruption of justice and fairness? Unloading needed medical supplies off of a boat? Pleasing the WTO?
David W. Gill


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