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Follow Me Evangelism Leaflet

Follow Me Evangelism Leaflet

Follow Me
An Invitation to Follow Jesus Christ

Soo-Inn Tan

Follow Me is a pamphlet that provides the essentials of what is involved in deciding to follow Jesus. It is designed for the person who knows very little or nothing about Christianity. Follow Me is essentially a ‘starter’s guide’ to the Christian faith.

As the title implies, Follow Me understands that to become a Christian is more than just believing the right truths. It is choosing to follow a person – Jesus. The tone of the pamphlet is not preachy. It tries to be honest about life but it also takes the Bible seriously and key Bible verses are included.

Possible uses for Follow Me

  1. As a tool for personal evangelism.
  2. To be given out as part of an information package after an evangelistic meeting.
  3. As a simple tool to help members review what it means to follow Jesus.

Format: Pamphlet
Category: Evangelism

Follow Me presents, in an easy-to-understand yet compelling way, how all people need at least three things: 1. Love; 2. Purpose; and 3. An answer to the issue of death. It then seeks to show how Jesus Christ is able to fulfil these primary human needs, as evidenced by His life, death and resurrection, and by his teaching.

After presenting Jesus as the fulfilment of humankind’s deepest needs, the pamphlet asks the reader if he or she wants to follow Jesus. If the answer is yes, Follow Me then tells the reader the steps involved in choosing to follow Jesus. Briefly, these include the repenting of one’s sins, choosing to believe in Jesus, and the choice to follow Him as Lord. It also talks about the need for water baptism, the need to join a Christian community, and the role of the Holy Spirit.

Follow Me ends with a suggested personal prayer that the reader could use to express his or her commitment to Jesus. There is also a place for the new believer to sign to record the date of his or decision, as a reminder of when this life-changing decision was made.

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