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Making Sense (ebook)


Making Sense
52 Meditations for the Heart and Mind

Soo-Inn Tan

If God is real He must be real in all areas of life. Any division of life into “sacred” and “secular” compartments is an approach to faith and spirituality that will not hold. Making Sense…is a collection of essays that struggles to apply a Christian mindset to the realities of daily life. They stem from the conviction that if God is real, then He and His Word must be relevant to the struggles that we face in the world.

~ from the Preface by Soo-Inn Tan

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ISBN: 978-981-11-0088-8
Format: Ebook (please read our ebooks policy)
Category: Christian Living
Publication Date: 2014

Also available in print.

  1. Travel Preparations
  2. Business Ethics? Are You Kidding?
  3. The Beatles Are Demonic
  4. God’s Quality Control
  5. Suicide
  6. Light My Fire
  7. Obladi-Oblada, Life Goes On
  8. Truth, Love, And Homosexuality
  9. My Miracle Is Bigger Than Yours
  10. The Ministry of Wasting Time
  11. Charm Is Deceptive
  12. Weak is Go0d
  13. God And the Gangster
  14. Wanted: Gatekeepers For God
  15. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  16. Good Death
  17. Christ And Partisan Politics
  18. It Was Twenty Years Ago Today
  19. Christmas As Anaesthetic
  20. Charmed I’m Sure
  21. Restoring The Fallen
  22. Birth Pangs
  23. Bad Grammer, Good Theology
  24. The Scandal Of Grace
  25. Sex, Lies, And Trivial Pursuit
  26. Necessary Servant, Fatal Master
  27. Dying With Easter In Sight
  28. To Save The World — Solitude Needed
  29. Friends
  30. No Time To Think
  31. Spiritual Mentors
  32. Paul Had Temporal-Lobe Epilepsy
  33. Job’s Friends
  34. Death
  35. View From The Ditch
  36. The Mummy Affirms
  37. Father’s Day Ramblings
  38. Moon Over Elliot Bay
  39. Key Word: Overwhelmed
  40. Obvious Failure
  41. Test Everything
  42. From The Nile To New York
  43. Listen To Your Heart
  44. In Search of Excellence?
  45. Mystery Novels
  46. The God Difference
  47. Let’s Do Lunch
  48. Strength Divides; Weakness Unites
  49. Candle In The Wind
  50. Goodbye Chien
  51. Blood, Bread, And Bethlehem
  52. Peace On Earth

About Graceworks

I have been blessed for several years by the electronic musings of my good friend and former student, Tan Soo-Inn, as have many others. ‘Grace@Work’ sums up the fundamental thrust of New Testament Christianity. May those who read this book be nourished in their faith and be strengthened to become the ’salt and light’ that represents the avant garde for the church ofthe

~ from the Foreword by W. Ward Gasque

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