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Men for Christ


Men for Christ
Living Out Our Faith

Edited by Ho Peng Kee, Lim Kheng Hai, Siew Kim Siang, Yeo Siew Yam

How can we be better men for Christ in the various settings God has put us? How can we live life fully and finish well?

Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith seeks to galvanize all brothers-in-Christ to deeper faith and committed action for our Lord. It is hoped that the testimonies and issues raised will get men thinking and praying about their own walk with God, both individually and collectively. The book features heartfelt sharings by 21 contributors from diverse fields, namely:

  • David Ang
  • Aw Swee Eng
  • Ernest Chew
  • John Chew
  • Andrew Goh
  • Ho Peng Kee
  • Hsieh Fu Hua
  • Lee Han Kiat
  • Lee Soo Ann
  • Patrick Liew
  • Lim Hua Min
  • Timothy Liu
  • John Ng
  • Philip Ng
  • Robert Solomon
  • Tan Lai Yong
  • Tan Soo Inn
  • Gregory Vijayendran
  • William Wan
  • David W F Wong
  • Wong Kar Fatt.

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ISBN: 978-981-09-8884-5
Format: Paperback (280 pages)
Category: Christian Living; Personal Growth
Publication Date: 2016

Bobby Sng

Ho Peng Kee

Living Well

The Three Calls of Life: What It Means to Be Truly Human
Tan Soo Inn

Male Spirituality: Implications for Our Church’s Men’s Ministry
Robert Solomon

Your Past Will Always Haunt You, Unless You Recover!
John Ng

My Halftime Journey
Lee Han Kiat

Turning the Hearts of Fathers and Children Towards Each Other
David Ang, PBM

Rags from the Royal Treasury
Tan Lai Yong

What Is Your Long-Term Goal in Life?
Hsieh Fu Hua

God in the Marketplace

God in the Marketplace: Challenges Faced
Philip Ng

Forty Years and Counting: My Pilgrimage as a Professional in the Marketplace
Lim Hua Min

Impacting the Marketplace for God
Patrick Liew

Serving God Full-Time in the Marketplace
Timothy Liu

Challenges and Issues Being Salt and Light in the Marketplace
Gregory Vijayendran

God in the World Around Us

The Bible as History: My Calling as a Historian
Ernest Chew

The Origin of Man
Aw Swee Eng

Towards a Better Understanding of Mandarin-Speaking Churches in Singapore
John Chew

Running the Race Marked Out for Us: My Season in Politics
Ho Peng Kee

Finishing Well

Navigating Life’s Transitions
Andrew Goh

Growing in Righteousness
Lee Soo Ann

Living Life in Chapters
William Wan

Retiring or Re-tyring
Wong Kar Fatt

Vital Resilience: How Samuel Finished Well
David W. F. Wong


“The writers bring much wisdom in addressing some of the most critical and contemporary issues concerning our lives and society today. The outcome is an accessible, trenchant, and thoughtful reflection that will greatly clarify and challenge all readers.”
Rev Dr Oh Boon Leong
Senior Pastor, Mount Carmel Bible-Presbyterian Church

“What a remarkable series of talks from a vibrant men’s ministry from well-qualified, reflective practitioners! This book will certainly enable godly men to rise up and transform their world for Jesus, both in the marketplace and in the world around us.”
Rev Edmund Chan
Leadership Mentor, Covenant EFC;
Founder, Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches

“… a marvel of practical, godly wisdom to help people looking for support in living a deeper, more meaningful Christian life. Each chapter offers an honest, heartfelt exploration of how a Christ-centred faith makes a difference in everyday life.”
Professor Jeffrey P. Greenman
President, Regent College, Canada

“… a seminal practitioner’s contribution on Christian engagement that richly contributes to our nation building in the civic and political public square and the marketplace.… Their sharings will be an inspiration for the next generation.”
Richard Magnus
Former Senior District Judge;
Chancellor, Anglican Church of Singapore;
Vice Chair, UNESCO Bioethics Domain

“The writers distill wisdom from their life journeys, with compelling yet compassionate, inspiring yet practical reflections. Written from the vantage point of experience, this collection will inspire readers who desire to live meaningfully and purposefully.”
Peter Chao
Founding President, Eagles Communications, Singapore

“… it walks you through each life with deep insight, humble faith and raw honesty. These grown men mince no words. They tell it as it is. Their masculinity comes in a form of readily admitted spirituality of vulnerability and their clay-like life is exemplary of what the Master Potter can shape and fashion when broken dreams and broken lives fully and humbly submit to Him.”
Michael Han
Author of the Spittle Splat blog

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