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Rings on Fire (ebook)


Rings on Fire

Desmond & Elaine Ng

You are married to each other but live parallel lives. You share so little in common, whether at work or at play, that you might as well be strangers. You have hardly anything civil to say to each other when you are alone. Is there no hope left?

Rings on Fire shines a bright light on a seemingly gloomy world. This is a no-holds-barred account of how one marriage went to the edge of the abyss, yet clawed its way back to wholeness again. All because of the power of Divine intervention.

Nothing seemed to be working out for Desmond and Elaine. Even their shared interests had long paled into insignificance. And now there was someone else in the picture. After several failed attempts to try and work things out, they were both ready to give up. But a last-ditch attempt at saving the marriage presented itself…and they found themselves at a Love After Marriage workshop where they came face to face with the extraordinary. Want to know what happened? Read on…

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ISBN: 978-981-09-3862-8
Format: Ebook (please read our ebooks policy)
Category: Marriage; Christian Living
Publication Date: May 2015

Also available in print.


1 To Have and to Hold
2 For Better or for Worse
3 In Sickness and in Health
4 For Richer or for Poorer
5 To Love and to Cherish?
6 Walking with Christ in the Company of Friends
7 The Journey of Faith
8 The Victim Spirit and the Prison of Unforgiveness
9 Connecting the Dots
10 From This Day Forward
11 ’Til Death Do Us Part


Appendix A Times Have Changed
Appendix B Porn, the Devil’s Pawn
Appendix C Where is God?
Appendix D Brian and Jessica Moyer’s Testimony
Appendix E James and Donna Machi’s Testimony
Appendix F Bibliography

Desmond and Elaine have presented their amazing story with such transparency and vulnerability. As you walk through their struggles with them, you will find direction and hope in the pages of this book! As you read about their breakthrough, the power of the testimony will make way for the breakthroughs you need as well. Rings on Fire is a must-read for any marriage that needs healing, strength, and hope!
Barry and Lori Byrne
Founders, “Love After Marriage” and “Single Life” Workshops

Powerfully honest! Rings on Fire isn’t just about the struggles of two broken individuals who found wholeness as they encounter a super, gloriously, and amazingly gracious and good God; it also presents a blueprint for stronger marriages. A must-read for singles and couples—Rings on Fire has the potential to ignite a movement around the world!
Daniel Chua
Senior Pastor, The City; Founder, REVA Singapore

Desmond and Elaine share from their hearts as they tell the story of how the Lord miraculously rescued their marriage from the brink of divorce. Their story will touch you to the core while you laugh and cry as you journey with them through the bittersweet of true love. What is special about their story is the many ways that God divinely intervened to build faith and give hope and encouragement even in the darkest despair. […] This is a must-read for anyone looking to fireproof their marriage or to give counsel to married couples. What the Lord has done for them, He can do for you!
Pastor Andrew Wong
Church of the Good Shepherd, Singapore

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