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Sabbath for Pastors


Sabbath for Pastors

Mark Chua

Sabbath for Pastors has much to say about our maddening, busy lifestyle — that we may truly understand what life and pastoral ministry is all about. Sabbath is a gift of life given to us, so that we may find our rest and renewal in God.

Let Sabbath for Pastors show you how to discover in Him a wellspring of joy and delight.

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ISBN: 978-981-07-3667-5
Format: Paperback
Category: Pastoral Resources
Publication Date: 2012

Also available as an ebook.




Pastoral Ministry in Asia
1. The Historical Context of Pastoral Ministry in Asia
2. Asian Culture and Modernity
3. Stress and Burnout
4. Ministerial Stress and Burnout in the West
5. Stress and Burnout Among Asian Pastors

A Biblical-Theological Reflection on Sabbath
6. The Sabbath Debate
7. Sabbath in the Old Testament
8. The New Testament and Sabbath
9. The Purposes of Sabbath

Implications of the Sabbath for Pastors
10. A Rhythm of Grace
11. Contemplative Worship and Prayer
12. Intentional Days of Rest
13. Sabbath and the Congregation
14. Keeping the Sabbath Rhythm

A) Cycles of Negative and Positive Causation
B) Clergy Burnout Inventory
C) Endnotes
D) Resources

I am delighted to recommend Mark Chua’s Sabbath for Pastors to as wide an audience as possible. His very well-written book reveals the basic root of increasing stress and burnout among hard-worked pastors all over the world. With interesting anecdotes and questions after each chapter for reflection, Sabbath for Pastors will be helpful for any reader. Go, little book, to those who need you — not as a quick “fix”, but as a challenge and a help to a long-term balanced life. Perhaps, Mark, if your old principal had read the book earlier, he would have avoided a stroke!
Dr David Stewart
Principal (1965-1988), The Bible College of New Zealand (now Laidlaw College)

Sabbath for Pastors is not just a book about the Sabbath, nor is it only about pastors. Sabbath has important implications for the spiritual life of the church as a whole. A failure to understand how this ancient teaching relates to the modern church will inevitably lead to a great loss of vitality among God’s people, and damage to its people and its mission. Mark Chua’s very fine exposition of the notion of the Sabbath for today, which includes his own original research as well as the wisdom of others, is
very important. He relates the concept to the very particular needs of the Asian situation in a clear and admirably readable fashion. This is a book to be read and studied widely by church members and leaders.
Rev Dr Brian Edgar
Professor of Theological Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary, USA

Many Chinese-speaking congregations tend to believe that pastors should not go on holidays. As such, pastors are often unintentionally denied the basic need for rest. In Sabbath for Pastors, Mark Chua reminds the church of God’s commandment to take Sabbath rest seriously. I believe that this book will prove to be a great blessing to the church.
Rev Yau Kah Fatt
Chairman, Board of Ministry, Chinese Annual Conference, The Methodist Church in Malaysia

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