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Serving God’s Community

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Serving God’s Community
Studies in Honor of W. Ward Gasque

Edited by Susan S. Phillips & Soo-Inn Tan

“Trained as a New Testament scholar and blessed with a pastoral heart, Dr Gasque’s guiding passion has been the theological education of the laity. He has pursued this passion through strengthening schools, and through encouraging many students who have had the privilege to be taught and guided by him, as well as by his wife and partner in ministry, Laurel Gasque. Dr Gasque’s legacy is substantial and varied, but his main legacy will be the many men and women from around the world he helped to fulfill their potential in Christ.

“This Festschrift is presented to Dr Gasque on the occasion of his 75th birthday, to honor him for his contribution to the cause of Christ, and with the hope that the things he has been committed to—biblical scholarship, leadership development, and the equipping of the laity—will continue to receive fresh exposure and momentum.”

—Susan S. Phillips & Soo-Inn Tan

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ISBN: 978-981-09-0036-6
Format: Paperback (416 pages)
Category: Theology; Pastoral Resources
Publication Date: 2014

Editors’ Foreword
A Faithful Servant of His Lord: A Biography of Woodrow Ward Gasque (Laurel Gasque)

  • A Biblical Fix for a Broken System: Spiritual Gifts, Ordination to Office and New Testament Ministry (Carl E. Armerding)
  • Here is My Mother: Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Light on Gospel Women (David W. Baker)
  • On Maturation of Evil (Douglas B. Farrow)
  • Faith in Film: Lay Theology for Popular Culture (Sharon Gallagher)
  • Who Then Is the Wise and Faithful Leader? (David W. Gill)
  • Head, Heart and Hands: The Promise of Holistic, Transformative Learning (Jeffrey P. Greenman)
  • Creedal Hermeneutics: How the Creeds Can Help Us Read the Bible (Christopher A. Hall)
  • Images for the Holy Spirit (Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker)
  • Pastoral Ministry in the Acts of the Apostles (James M. Houston)
  • Called to Flourish (Mark Labberton)
  • Using Film to Teach Theology (Linda Mercadante)
  • Dreams and Visions in the Book of Acts (Olu Peters)
  • On Friendship: Considering a Neglected Spiritual Discipline (Susan S. Phillips)
  • Growing Emerging Leaders (Peter Shaw)
  • Peter’s Flight from Prison: Luke as Historian, Literary Artist and Theologian in Acts 12 (Sven Soderlund)
  • Images of Leadership in African and Biblical Tradition (Diane Stinton)
  • Travels of Triumph and Tragedy (Acts 9:1–22:21): Peter’s and Paul’s Prophetic Missions to the Gentiles (Roger Stronstad)
  • Discipleship (Re)Defined: Defining Christian Maturity Relationally (Soo-Inn Tan)
  • Denominationalism and Inter/Non-denominationalism (Donald Tinder)
  • A Biblical and Theological Approach to Retaining the Next Generation in Chinese Canadian Diaspora Churches and Doing Mission (Matthew Todd)
  • Towards a Practical Theology of Kindness (William Wan)
  • World Right-side Up: Acts and the Mission of God’s People (Jonathan Wilson)

Curriculum Vitae

“Rather than creating a career, Ward has had a calling and vocation in which he has enfolded all that life has brought him in an attempt to be a faithful servant of his Lord, who called us his friends (Jn 15:15).”
—Laurel Gasque

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