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Simple Beginnings

Front cover

Simple Beginnings
Building a Life of Integrity, Resilience and Service

Tan Eng Liang with Lynn Tan

“The day will come when my life will pass, my memory be forgotten and my life story put aside. What I hope is that the values and lessons I share in this book will remain and be passed on. I hope that any young person who reads this book will be inspired to reach for his or her dreams; and for those who feel discouraged with life, to press on and not give up.

Our lives are what we make of it, and I have made the most of mine. I hope this book will inspire you to live your life to the fullest. Let your story be one that will be worthy to be told to those who come after you.”

ISBN: 978-981-09-8886-9
Format: Paperback (200 pages)
Category: Personal Growth; Testimonies
Publication Date: 2016

Foreword by Prof Tommy Koh

Section 1: Growing Up
Chapter 1: The Early Years
Chapter 2: Sports as Life
Chapter 3: Sportsman & Scholar

Section 2: New Challenges
Chapter 4: Gainful Employment
Chapter 5: Growing a Family
Chapter 6: Politics
Chapter 7: Sports for Life

Section 3: A Season of Significance
Chapter 8: Return to Industry
Chapter 9: Overcoming Health Challenges
Chapter 10: A Sporting Legacy


“I consider Eng Liang one of Singapore’s most outstanding sons. He has made enormous contributions to Singapore, both in the public and private sectors. I am glad that he has written his autobiography. I hope that many young Singaporeans will read it. I am sure they will be inspired by the many lessons we can learn from this remarkable life.”

From the Foreword by Prof Tommy Koh,
Ambassador-at-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Professor of Law, National University of Singapore

“A riveting story of a man with many talents. His scholarly, sporting and administrative achievements makes you wonder how he does it all. Dr Tan is an all-rounder. I was intrigued by the trajectory of his life: without much planning at all, but always doing his level best, he’s accomplished the improbable: Olympian, Singapore’s first Rhodes Scholar, a senior minister of state, a senior sports administrator, private sector director, among others. It wasn’t always easy, but every step of faith had led to a surprising door, something different and bigger. The handprints of God are seen in this life and it speaks of how ‘doing one’s best’ can lead to unexpected blessings.”

Vincent Chua

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