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Spiritual Friendship


Spiritual Friendship
A Primer

Soo-Inn Tan

We live in an increasingly lonely world. Often our church communities are no better. But we were never meant to live alone. We need significant others in our lives to be healthy, growing human beings. We need our friends.

Friends are to be valued for their own sakes, We value our friends for who they are and not for what we can get out of them. But it is precisely because we love our friends that we want them to be their best, to be all they were meant to be in Christ. And they desire the same for us. And because we walk a similar path, we help one another as we journey along. That is why we make space in our lives for our friends. That is why we meet up with them regularly.

ISBN: 978-981-08-2551-5
Format: Paperback
Category: Christian Living
Publication Date: 2009


The Basis of Spiritual Friendship

The Purpose of Spiritual Friendship

The Elements of Spiritual Friendship

The Practice of Spiritual Friendship


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