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Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian


Spiritual Friendship
Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian

Wesley Hill

Friendship is a relationship like no other. Unlike the relationships we are born into, we choose our friends. It is also tenuous–we can end a friendship at any time. But should friendship be so free and unconstrained? Although our culture tends to pay more attention to romantic love, marriage, family, and other forms of community, friendship is a genuine love in its own right. This eloquent book reminds us that Scripture and tradition have a high view of friendship. Single Christians, particularly those who are gay and celibate, may find it is a form of love to which they are especially called.

Writing with deep empathy and with fidelity to historic Christian teaching, Wesley Hill retrieves a rich understanding of friendship as a spiritual vocation and explains how the church can foster friendship as a basic component of Christian discipleship. He helps us reimagine friendship as a robust form of love that is worthy of honor and attention in communities of faith. This book sets forth a positive calling for celibate gay Christians and suggests practical ways for all Christians to cultivate stronger friendships.

ISBN: 978-158-743-349-8
Format: Paperback (160 pages)
Category: Christian Living; Spiritual Friendship; Theology
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group, 2015

Author’s Note

Part 1 Reading Friendship
1. An Eclipse of Friendship?
2. ”I Love You Because You’re Mine”
3. Transformation of Friendship

Part 2 Living Friendship
4. ”A piece of Ice Held Fast in the Fist”
5. Friendship Is a Call to Suffer
6. Patterns of the Possible

An Essay on Sources

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