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The Accidental Executive (Hendrickson)


The Accidental Executive
Lessons on Business, Faith, and Calling from the Life of Joseph

Albert M. Erisman

He spent time both as a slave and as a leader in Egypt. He rose from a prison cell to the palace as Pharaoh’s second-in-command. His name was Joseph, and in this book his well-known biblical story is presented with new perspective, shedding light and wisdom on life in the workplace.

Part workplace manual, part spiritual guidance, this book combines great insight and practical tips that every working person needs on their shelf. Forged from the author’s own work experiences and interviews with business leaders across the world, The Accidental Executive teaches us the importance of living a life of integrity—whether you’re at the top or bottom of the corporate food chain.

Along the way you’ll see how Joseph dealt with issues that are still common in the business world today. Learn from his example how to deal with success as well as failure, how to work hard regardless of your circumstances, how to create and execute a strategy, how to deal with temptation, and how to gain perspective on the purpose and meaning of work.

Faith has so much more to do with business than we have ever been taught before, and this book creates a path for top-level executives and young professionals alike to follow.

ISBN: 978-161-97-0621-7
Format: Hardcover with Jacket (216 pages)
Category: Christian Living; Personal Growth
Publication Date: March 2015
Publisher: Hendrickson


  1. Education
  2. Ready?
  3. The First Leadership Assignment
  4. A Rough Start
  5. Sexual Temptation
  6. When Bad Things Happen to Good People
  7. Commitment to the Task
  8. A Glimmer of Hope
  9. The Opportunity at the Right Time
  10. Professionalism
  11. Office Politics
  12. Bringing Bad News to the Authority
  13. Talking About God in the Workplace
  14. Strategy
  15. The Big Promotion
  16. Dealing With Success
  17. Executing the Strategy
  18. A Troubling Customer
  19. Transparency, Honesty, and Integrity
  20. Fear and Forgiveness
  21. Fairness and Justice
  22. Temptation of Power
  23. Temptation of Money
  24. Globalization
  25. Did Joseph Ultimately Fail?
  26. The Corporate Story
  27. Calling
  28. Final Reflections

List of Ethix Interviews

“Al Erisman brings us a fresh understanding of leadership lessons from the life of Joseph as he compares them to his own experiences and those of the many business and thought leaders he has interviewed over the last fifteen years. In so doing, he emphasizes the importance of integrating faith with work in a way that honors God.”
—C. William Pollard
Chairman Emeritus, The ServiceMaster Company

“What a refreshing and inspiring book! Al Erisman does something that I would have thought impossible. He makes the ancient story of Joseph come alive with many wise insights . . . This book should be at the top of the reading lists for folks who care deeply about how faith in Christ can inform best practices of business leadership.”
—Richard J. Mouw, PhD
President Emeritus and Professor of Faith and Public Life, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Finally, a fresh look at Joseph’s life from the perspective of business, work, and individual calling . . . A must read for anyone interested in finding greater meaning in their job.”
—The Honorable Edmund C. Moy
38th Director of the United States Mint, 2006–2011

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