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The Journeys Trilogy


The Journeys Trilogy

David W. F. Wong

Full of stories and insights gleaned from the author’s personal and spiritual journeys, this trilogy brings together three of David W. F. Wong’s earliest publications: Journey Mercies, Love’s Rough Journeys, and Journeys Beyond the Comfort Zone.

Navigate the paths winding between naïveté and cynicism; ride the waves of the mighty, majestic, and mysterious force called love; and venture out from the familiar and the routine.

“Time has not obscured the questions asked or the lessons learned. As we re-issue these three books as a trilogy, my prayer is that readers will share in our journeys and re-live with us our stories.” — David W. F. Wong

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ISBN: 978-981-09-4825-2
Format: Paperback (411 pages)
Category: Christian Living
Publication Date: 2015


Journey Mercies
Prologue: Between Naïveté and Cynicism
1. In the Garden Patch of Love
2. On the Threshold of Pain
3. Celebrating Emotions in Music
4. Making Acquaintances of Books
5. Bare Feet in India
6. Trekking the Desert of Simplicity
7. Tip-Toeing Through Church Splits
8. In the Company of Friends
9. On the Wings of Dreams
Epilogue: Destination or Journey?

Love’s Rough Journeys
Prologue: The Journey
1. A Light Romance
2. Loosening Apron Strings
3. A Father’s Blessing
4. Wrong Channels
5. The Whole Package
6. Different Worlds
7. Balance of Power
8. Companions for Life
9. White Wedding Gown
10. Shadow of the Past
Epilogue: The Compass

Journeys Beyond the Comfort Zone
Briefing: Before the Journey
1. Jacob: Dark Night
2. Joseph: Prison Security
3. Abraham: Open Hands
4. Moses: Dying Embers
5. Ruth: Faith Unknown
6. Eljiah: Second Wind
7. Nehemiah: Distant Perspective
8. Mary: Cherished Mystery
9. Peter: Full Circle
10. Paul: Long Haul
Debriefing: Eight Principles of the Comfort Zone

Index of Scripture References

“Rev Wong writes well and clearly. He draws from his many years of experience as a pastor of a church in Singapore during which he counselled some 250 couples. He has chosen ten stories based on true life experiences, through which he sensitively deals with some important cultural issues in the Asian context, but always with a clear commitment to biblical values and principles.”
—From the Introduction to Love’s Rough Journeys by Rev Tan Siang Yang, PhD
Senior Pastor, First Evangelical Church, Glendale, California
Professor of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California

“In Journeys Beyond the Comfort Zone, Rev David Wong opens up the unlimited possibilities that spring from a commitment to discipline. He is both a creative thinker and a first-rate communicator. This book represents a major contribution to thinking about the Christian lifestyle.”
—From the Foreword to Journeys Beyond the Comfort Zone by Dr John Edmund Haggai
Founder & Chairman, Haggai Institute

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