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The Real Picture


The Real Picture

Soo-Inn Tan

Christmas is a paradox. We are bombarded with many reminders to be jolly yet for many it is the most depressing time of the year as another year end reminds us of unresolved problems and unfulfilled dreams. And if you are a Christian you are just jaded from the many Christmas seasons you have gone through.

Yet Christmas should be a time of great joy. It is a reminder that God is truly Immanuel, “God with us.” Christmas reminds us that God stepped into human history to bring us true hope and joy.

May this collection of meditations help you refocus on the true meaning of Christmas, and in getting the true picture we find our faith renewed and our mission strengthened.

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Format: Ebook (please read our ebooks policy)
Category: Devotional
Publication Date: December 2012

Also available on Kobo and Kindle Store.

  1. Learning from Mary
  2. The Real Picture
  3. More Like Mary
  4. The Smell of Cigarettes
  5. Mary
  6. Dancing Santas?
  7. A Tough Christmas
  8. It was Twenty Years Ago Today
  9. Messy
  10. Bloody Advent
  11. Peace on Earth
  12. Blood, Bread & Bethlehem
  13. Bet on the Baby
  14. Forces Beyond Our Control
  15. Feeling Christmassy Yet?
  16. Christmas Shopping
  17. A Line in the Sand
  18. Saving Truth
  19. Through Deed & Word
  20. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  21. An Inviting Meal
  22. The Mary Paradigm
  23. The Presents are Under the Bed
  24. On the Road with Joseph & Mary
  25. Christmas as Anaesthetic

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