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Thinking on the Run (ebook)


Thinking on the Run
Essays on Community, Vocation, Life, Death, Media and Other Stuff

Soo-Inn Tan

In this collection, the honesty, the pithiness, and the fun combine. This is the Pacific Century, we are told, so it is appropriate that a writer on the tip of the Pacific Rim should bless so many people through the internet. Soo-Inn not only runs the race but also thinks on the run. Here his thoughts are preserved to be explored at leisure. So taste them, savour them, ponder them.

~ From the Foreword by Dr Miriam Adeney

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ISBN: 978-981-07-4727-5
Format: Ebook (please read our ebooks policy)
Category: Christian Living
Publication Date: March 2013

Also available in print.



Thinking About Community
1. Lunch At The Faculty Club
2. Another Ode To Friendship
3. Looking For Father
4. F2F
5. Encouragement Is Serious Business
6. Just Dinner
7. Old Friends
8. Let The Music Lead
9. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Thinking About Vocation
10. An Esther Moment
11. Purpose And Meaning
12. Work-Life Imbalance And The Bible
13. Christian Values At Work
14. My Calling Is Higher Than Yours
15. Your “Real” Job
16. Memo To Today’s Working Stiffs
17. The Big Questions
18. A Spirituality For Activists

Thinking About Life
19. Acceptance
20. Googling For God’s Will
21. Does God Prefer Steaks?
22. An Apple Parable
23. I Am Proud Of My Humility
24. I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now
25. Learning From Lincoln
26. The Strange Career Of John Mark
27. The Rock Of Ages Crushed My Kidney Stone
28. Throne Room Epiphanies
29. Roots And Wings
30. Listening To Old Stories

Thinking About Death
31. Carpe Funerals
32. Showing The Colours
33. More Solid
34. New Address
35. Mysteries On The Cancer Road
36. The First Anniversary Is The Toughest
37. Goodbye Prem And Thank You
38. Grandma Is Going To Hell?
39. Who Is Waiting At The Airport?

Thinking About Media
40. Homeward Bound
41. Did Sylar Die?
42. Life Is Absurd
43. Are You A Sucker For Flattery?
44. A Pity About Spider-Man 3
45. Don’t Waste Your Life
46. A Serious Movie
47. Football Highlights

Thinking About Other Stuff
48. When The Levee Breaks
49. The Bible And Homosexuality
50. Adultery Warning
51. To Go Or To Stay?
52. Handy Lessons

A Note On Graceworks

The world needs writers who help us to pause and grasp an eternal perspective on the seemingly mundane activities in our busy lives: a chat between friends, watching a popular film at the local theater, hassles at work. In a refreshing, winsome way, these writers raise our ‘God consciousness’, helping us love Him and His people more. Soo-Inn Tan is one of these writers.
John Maust
President, Media Associates International

This collection of reflections bears witness to a person, who in discipling many, has dirtied his hands and feet, and entered into their world to walk alongside them in the messiness of life.
Alan Chng
Navigators Asia Director

Soo-Inn is no stranger to human grief and thus no stranger to divine grace. His writings are therefore essentially a pilgrimage. He gently invites us with him along the journey of life; to encounter reality reflectively and meaningfully. Not merely to know more about ourselves but, more significantly, to know more about God.
Edmund Chan
Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore

As a biblical scholar, I tend to think more about the first century than the twenty-first century, but Dr Tan calls me to apply the teaching of the New Testament to the contemporary scene. I enthusiastically recommend his new book to all who seek to follow Jesus seven days a week.
W. Ward Gasque
Founding Faculty, Regent College, Vancouver, BC, Canada;
English Ministries Pastor, Richmond Chinese Alliance Church, Richmond, BC, Canada

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