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Travel Mercies (ebook)


Travel Mercies
Reflections from the Road Called Life

Soo-Inn Tan

Only those who suffer deeply and redemptively can walk the canyon floor alongside our depressions and afflictions. So this book provides good company and is a good guide through the disappointments, frustrations, and grief of our mortality. Yet the central message of this honest and indeed transparent book is that by God’s grace, in whatsoever state we’re in, there are lessons to learn that “godliness with contentment is great gain”.… When we speak from our lives personally, we share far more than we realise would ever be appreciated by others. Indeed, when I apologize “this is most intimately Me”, it turns out to be “most universally You!” I hope you will find this is true of Travel Mercies, as I have found it to be for myself. Enjoy your reading!

~ from the Foreword by Prof. James M. Houston

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ISBN: 978-981-07-4728-2
Format: Ebook (please read our ebooks policy)
Category: Christian Living
Publication Date: March 2013

Also available in print.



Journeys in the World
1. The Importance of Good Packaging
2. I Survived Harry Potter
3. Lessons from The Lord of the Rings
4. What’s Wrong with This Picture?
Learning from the Dead
6. Instant Messaging Saved My Life
7. Have You Affirmed Someone Today?
Ex Nihi-what?
9. A Lesson from Harvard
It’s One for the Money…
11. Shiphrah? Puah? Who?
12. Miraculous Healing Revisited
13. Should I Take This Job?
The Wedding of Charles and Philip
15. The Serious Matter of Rest
Go Take a Nap

Journeys with the Church
17. Basic Leadership Qualifications
18. Chasing the Proper Triad
Confessed Recently?
20. Evaluating the Pastor
21. Learning from Teenage Killers
22. Learning from the Apple Guy
23. Pssst! Wanna Join an MMC?
Should Christians Convert Others?
25. The Pastor Has No Clothes
26. Work in Progress

Journeys of the Heart
27. God’s CV
28. At the Song River Café
Trust and Obey Reloaded
30. Heart Drive
Divine Zen
33. But He Was My Papa
34. Memo to a New Widower
35. The Right Qualifications
36. Novices for Life
37. At Last, Lessons from Spider-Man 2
38. No Rehearsals
39. Death Throes, Birth Throes
40. Arsenal Drew Last Night
You Never Know

Friends for the Journey
42. At the Hard Rock Café
For the Record
44. Fu Manchu or Crouching Tiger?
45. The Mulder-Scully Example
The Mystery of Friendship
The Power of Three
48. Data Shows the Way
49. Your Hair is Like a Flock of Goats
50. Rated: R
51. Happiness Revisited
Treasure Hunters

About Graceworks


I have said that Soo-Inn is the C.S. Lewis of Asia, but in fact, his translations of philosophical, theological concepts into the stuff of life today makes his thinking transcend geography. He’s a teacher for all of us!
Janice Capps
The Baptist Church of Beaufort, Beaufort, South Carolina

Each week I anticipate Soo-Inn’s ‘E-Commentary’ which always challenges me to be an authentic follower of Christ. I now anticipate the second volume of his insightful comments, which, like the first, will consistently encourage believers to allow the gospel to make sense of daily, relevant, and hard issues.
Roger Capps
The Baptist Church of Beaufort, Beaufort, South Carolina

Travel Mercies reveals Soo-Inn’s spirituality and his walk with God. It is a spirituality that has been forged through brokenness and pain. I have never found Soo-Inn pretending that his Christian faith is soaring like eagles all the time. In fact, on many occasions, I have witnessed his struggles, and yet he has clung on to God and to God’s community. His quest for deeper answers, his questioning of life’s issues, together with his search for a compassionate and authentic community have brought him to a refreshing discovery — that there are mercies of God and the kindness of people in this journey of faith. It is best summed up in a Hebrew word — Hesed.
Wong Fong Yang
Senior Pastor, City Discipleship Presbyterian Church, Malaysia

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