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Walking with the Risen Christ (ebook)

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Walking With The Risen Christ
A Primer For Healthy Small Groups

Soo-Inn Tan

Often, the approach to church small groups is functional. They are seen as part of a structure that serves a key function — building community. Popular author and preacher Soo-Inn Tan posits that this often results in the small groups missing out on the most critical relationship, the one they should have with the risen Christ. While it is important to structure small-group meetings, it is more important to understand how all these practices relate to the fact that the risen Christ is in the midst of the meeting.

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ISBN: 978-981-11-4242-0
Format: eBook (please read our ebooks policy)
Category: Christian Living
Publication Date: 2017

Also available in print.


Chapter 1: The risen Christ is the focus of our group
Chapter 2: The risen Christ speaks to us through the Word
Chapter 3: The risen Christ encourages us to be honest with Him and with each other
Chapter 4: The risen Christ wants to carry our burdens and encourages us to carry each other’s
Chapter 5: The risen Christ invites others to Himself through us
Chapter 6: The risen Christ calls us to witness for Him in the world
Chapter 7: The risen Christ meets with us over meals

About the Author

”Certainly much has been said and written about small groups over the years, but what Soo-Inn guides us into here is what has not been said and practiced enough in the life of our small-group ministries — that is, the risen Christ among us as we gather together. Jesus by his Spirit sits across the table or on the other side of the living room or class room as the central member of our small group.”
Robert Loane
VantagePoint3 Ministries

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