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Wherever You Go


Wherever You Go
A Conversation About Life, Faith, and Courage

Hannah Lau

Strangers Corrie Lee and Keiko Suzuki have just graduated from university and moved to China to start their first jobs. Corrie believes that God has called her there, while Keiko is in it for the work experience. No matter the reason, life in China quickly becomes about more than just that.

Through a friendship over email, Corrie and Keiko agonise, laugh, share, and commiserate over the big and small things in life: What does it mean to have a fulfilled and meaningful life? How can we be faithful to God, especially in difficult circumstances? How do we know whether a bad situation is our cross to bear or something to walk away from?

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ISBN: 978-981-09-7508-1
Format: Paperback (320 pages)
Category: Personal Growth; Christian Living
Publication Date: 2016


1. China: More Than Meets the Eye

2. A Darker Place

3. Nothing Left

4. Timely Unlearning

5. An Unlikely Route to Glory


“This book challenges the next generation to real faith. Hannah Lau has wrapped God-centered truths in honest, authentic, yet delightful dialogue, discussing issues all of us are struggling with but are often too afraid to talk about. You’ll find yourself easily drawn into the lives of the characters but soon reflecting on your own journey as well. A must-read for all young people!”

Rachel Ong
Chief Executive, ROHEI Corp

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